Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Rambling About Sunset Skies

Today has been a busy day. I wasn't even going to blog, but then I thought, well why not. Plus some interesting things happened, like the moustache truck. 

Apparently if you are driving down Independence early in the morning, you might see this adorable little truck. I didn't take a photo while driving, Care took it for me :) This my friends, is why you should always have your camera with you. Moustache trucks!
I love sunsets. From the instant the sun begins to slip down, down, down below the tree line. When this happens there is that hazy glowing light which illuminates small bugs flying about, and the horrible way in which some people wash windows, and how many smears you have on your sunglasses. Now you're probably thinking I'm being sarcastic, but in reality I really do love this light. It's like a halo, making whispery pieces of hair catch on fire and shine. It catches dust in a most pleasing manner, and creates rays and patterns of light through the air, coming from heaven and ending at earth. Shadows start to play, and bit by bit they grow and cover more ground.

I love it when it you can see the sun for the fire ball that it is. Granted you can't typically see all of it, but you can see this half moon of orange fire. The color is so vibrant and alive. It makes me wonder if that's how the colors in heaven will be. Colors we see here on earth, but they'll be alive. It looks like the sun has melted into a glowing puddle.

I took this pic on Brookshire, headed towards Walmart at a stoplight.
I love it when the sky is swept with pastel hues. It's ombre to perfection. Soft golden orange and yellow, that blends up into pink and red, then purple, then that light blue which is the color of a setting sky. Perfectly smooth and tranquil. It's not night time looking exactly, but it still reminds me of lullabies I listened to when I was young.

I love it when the pastel ombre and vibrant fire meet as one in the sky. This might be my favorite time. It's getting dark everywhere else, and the entire heavens are set on display. Showed off better by silhouetted trees and houses, the colors clash. But it's not a bad kind of clashing, it's beautiful. I love it.

 My poor neighbors, I hope I didn't scare them by parking on the street in front of their house and flashing away with the camera. Oops. I'm sorry if I disturbed them! :)

My face is not in these pictures because my face does not react well with a bright flash. You'll see me again soon, don't worry. My outfit is something I put together in a rush today but I really like it now. I took a summer dress and turned it into a fall and winter skirt! Yay! :)

Dress: eShakti (worn here)
Shirt: Target (plaid flannel!!!) 
Scarf: thrifted VV

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  1. Oh i like your pictures! Beautiful sunset! I love sunsets :)

    Love you!