Saturday, November 29, 2014

Busy As A Broken Sewing Machine

Thankfully my mama's a genius, and was able to fix her sewing machine, and my sewing machine temporarily. I will probably have to take mine to the shop :/, but we are waiting to see if mom can't fix it herself. 
But apart from sewing machine problems, I do have a little update with some pictures for you :) 
First, is the finished ice skating dress. Just teaser shots really because I'm going to be doing a photo shoot with here in a few days hopefully at the rink.  :D I have to check my schedule for sure though. Olivia, I'll be emailing you :)

rhinestones scattered on the skirt
And then a little bit of progress on mom's ballgown. I've finished the petticoat, and have begun fringing strips for the actual dress. There is a lot of fringing on her dress, a lot!!! Fringing takes forever, but it's so fantastic looking afterward. 

the fabric is so wonderful
look at that lovely shimmer!!! aaah!!! :D And all that gold orange fringe....

That's all for now...I'm also doing Care's dress, but you won't see any photos of that until April. All of our dresses are staying a big secret until April :P I might put a sneak peak, how I've done here with mom's petticoat, but I might not! Mwahahaha ;)
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