Monday, December 1, 2014

Feeding My Sunglasses Addiction

I'm not sure if 4 pairs of sunglasses is an addiction or not. But I'm not saying I won't buy anymore, so then maybe it is. But anyway, my latest pair ($2.23!) arrived in the mail today from Cheenaah (China, for those of you who weren't aware of what I meant there). And it just clicked, I don't have a sunglasses addiction, I have a cheap sunglasses addiction. Which means sunglasses $5 or under typically from ebay. Glad I cleared that up there :) It's a lesson in patience too, because if you choose free shipping (which I ALWAYS do, you may have to wait up until 2 months for your glasses to arrive. 
And because I'm smart (or rather have access to smart people's ideas via the Internet) I decided to paint on them with nail polish. Something plain to something decorated. And because it's nail polish, when I get tired of polka dots, I can just use nail polish remover to take the dots off and then do something else like stripes or flowers. :D sweet eh? Plus, then it would save me another 2 or 3 dollars each time I redecorate, because I won't be buying more sunglasses each time! :P
isn't that a cute shape? 

I apologize for my terrible selfie skills. This my friends is why I never post anything on instagram :P
I hope you are having a great day! I will be posting more outfit photos soon, my camera battery died and at this moment I am unable to find it's charger. But I'll find it soon :) If not I'll have to buy one from Cheenaah and wait 2 months for it to arrive. 
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  1. LOL I love your glasses! Wow so cute! I thought they looked bland at first :P hehehe You have an Instagram? I hadn't known! lol not that i do....

    1. haha thank you! I do have an istagram...but I never get on it. I made an account after I went to camp over the summer so I could login and see our photos that the counselors took, but I never did much after that. I had the app but I've deleted it :P And I never put any photos on there. If you want to see my account though, feel free to click the "in" social media button under my profile picture :)