Sunday, December 21, 2014

V is for Victory Rolls and Vintage Hats

Well my dears I apologize for so long since a post. I've had these images, but due to life and forgetfulness I didn't get around to posting them. :) This was an outfit I wore, like a week ago, to go to ASL class and to do some errands. And the lighting going on in these pictures is so weird, it's like different in each one. But anyways, I love this hat, and this dress, and the purse, and I'm a big fan of midi rings :) So I really liked this outfit. :)

it looks like I'm covered in a greenish fog....???????????
I think my mom is like the best at doing Victory rolls.  Period.

and this is my coke keychain from Atlanta :)
Dress: eShakti
Hat: The Red Umbrella (an antique store near my house), Mum
Rings: um, Charlotte Russe and Burke Outlet
Purse: a friend of Mimi's. (It was like $300 purse she didn't need and she thought I might like it!)
Coat: I'm not sure. I think Kyla but I can't remember.
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  1. Never even saw this post! :O I wouldve done the beret with this outfit I think :D But of course... thats my very military fanatic view :P and.. having a big head that needs a hat like a beret doesnt help my opinion at all! Like the outfit :) And the hat is VERY vintage