Monday, December 15, 2014

Atlanta || Georgia Aquarium

I'm trying to figure out how to best describe the Georgia Aquarium. It was almost like you were walking into an ocean, and if you looked through the (2ft. thick) glass, most of the time as far as you could see, was water. So I guess what I'm saying was it was a massive building filled with massive amounts of water, which held massive amounts of fish, and sea creatures. Massive probably describes the aquarium best. It was absolutely amazing though, I've never experienced anything like it before!!! 
We also went to the Dolphin Tales, which was pretty cool. The dolphins did flips and twists and jumps and swam with people standing on their noses and "walked on their hind legs" how dogs do sometimes. It was cute :) 

feeding the fishies

the lobby area

Did you know that piranhas are pretty??? This is one of those fierce fish, and it has glinting specks of golden glitter all over it!! I enjoyed watching these fish swim around.

A 3D show we saw.

fish and other sea things opened up to see the insides. Very unique.

an ENORMOUS manta-ray

Whale sharks. I may or may not have been filled with joy to see them in a tank. I also may or may not have been filled with fear they would get out of the tank.

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  1. If the sharks got out, it would have been pretty dangerous considering they can move fairly quickly on dry ground. ;)


    1. Mwahaha, plus, I mean with those plankton eating mouths they could do a lot of damage! (For real though, Kyla gave me instructions of how to get out of a Whale Shark, just in case I got swallowed). You're so funny :P
      Btw, why do you keep using Anna's account?