Sunday, December 14, 2014

Petticoat Outfit

You have no idea how awkward it is to take fashion/outfit photos in public. It's awkward. Especially if you look different to begin with, but then to pose and have someone take pictures of you, amidst a bunch of other random people....I prefer the driveway even if it's not very scenic. :P

Today I'm sharing an outfit that I wore to the Georgia Aquarium. Not uber fancy, but still a little dressed up feeling (the petticoat makes any outfit feel princess-y). Definitely leaning towards the poodle skirts and neck scarves of the '50's, a guy told me I looked like a "flash from the past". :P
me having a moment with a dolphin statue
I'm guessing this was a sports team dolphin...I honestly have no idea about what team it is though. But it was red and I thought it looked cool. 

as much as I would have loved to have more photos of the petticoat...taking pictures of it out in public was a little too awkward lol

Mama did my hair

"in the tank"
Scarf: thrifted, VV
Shirt: HiLites, Mimi
Skirt: made by me
Belt: thrifted VV
Petticoat: ebay!!!! :D :D :D 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some photos of the fishies, and some cake pictures. xoxo
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  1. Oh cute! "Flash from the past" hahaha who ever was THAT?! haha I love your hair!

    1. It was an older gentleman who worked there. He also said I looked like I stepped out of the '60's, and he knew what he was talking about 'cause he "lived it". lol And thank you! This is one of my most worn styles. :)

  2. We went to the Georgia Aquarium last November/December and had tons of fun! Glad ya'll did, too! :)

    1. I remember you telling me about that :) It really is a pretty awesome place to visit!