Saturday, December 13, 2014

Atlanta || Coca Cola Continued

Well I'm very sorry to have had to cut the last Atlanta post short. But at least there's a continuation :) And I'm planning on captioning these photos too, that way you aren't just left to make what you want of it lol.
I have a bad habit of taking too many pictures. But I can't help it, I'm either in it all the way or I'm not. And once I take the lens cover off I just can't seem to put it back on :P 
coke bottles traveling across the ceiling, from the bottling room to the tasting room. These are the bottles they give you for free on your way out.

more ornaments outside

if you remember the ornaments from my outfit post, these are them from a distance :)
different languages
the building
Do you remember that oooold coke fountain from the first Coca Cola post? The tour guide asked everyone which was the oldest item in the glass case, and everyone got it wrong but me! So I got a bracelet. Ah the perks of being a history freak :D
Caroline sitting in a ornament seat

We spent a long time in the store. I bought a cute key chain and two magnets. :)
Grandpa tasting a soda that was gross. I thought all the ones from Africa were disgusting, and the one called Beverly from Italy was probably the worst. My favorite soda was probably....coke. lol.

taste testing!
the taste testing room
everyone but Grandpa, since he took this picture
Stephen pouring some coca cola into a statue
Olympic park
a drummer that let the littles play with him :)
I liked his hat pin

a statue in Olympic park

a pretty bush
Andrew :) :) :)
traffic on the way to the hotel
The sky above Stone Mountain, as taken from the hotel parking lot. A beautiful way to end a fabulous day! 
So that's all for the Coca Cola factory folks! I had an amazing time there, and hopefully you got to enjoy to it through the pictures! :)
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  1. WOW! Oh man, but I think we both would have gotten the question right ;) Good thing there weren't more history freaks along, Theresa! HAHA Looks like so much fun!


    1. Yeah probably. I'm surprised not even my mom knew it was the fountain-she had been doing a bunch of research on the coca cola stuff before we went. She guessed a box from like the 1930's was the oldest thing lol. :) It was a lot of fun! I thought of you a lot with all the old ads, we are old ad buddies :)

    2. YUS! lol I still say I lived through WWII! hahaha :P