Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Mixer Mailbox

The other day I was going through my scrap bin(sssssssssssssss). I didn't exactly have a project in mind, but when I saw some soft blue and white striped cotton I thought "hey, that would make a good mixer cover". Because you see, at work our current mixer cover (we just throw it on to prevent dust) is a somewhat shredded hot pink plastic bag. Not that the bag doesn't serve it's purpose fine, because it does. I just thought a mixer cover might be an upgrade (leave things better than you found them, right?) 
So I made one. I don't remember the dimensions, but I kind of eyeballed it (and googled the mixer to see what the measurements were haha). And after I made it, it stood on it's own and reminded all my family members of a mailbox. 
The two end pieces are more heavily quilted, resulting in a sturdier mailbox. The large piece in between is also quilted but it's more soft and mold able to the machine :)
 I made binding and piping out of the same fabric so everything just kind of blends together.

So that's my mixer mailbox! And I'm trying to think of other things that would like mailboxes too but so far I haven't come up with anything :P
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