Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Im getting beginning to worry that I'm gonna be a Jill of all trades and master of none. But the thing is, there's SO much interesting stuff to learn about!!! Anyways....
My grandpa has been collecting peices of 1932, '33, and '34 Ford pickups. He's got pretty much everything, rusting away, scattered in various parts of his property, and has for years and years. He's going to make a "retro rod" and refurb a 1932 pickup. And the funny thing is he was planning on starting to work on it again this winter. (Its all in peices right now)
Well I was starting to think it would be AWESOME if I could work on it with him. FYI, I'm so not mechanical, and know like as close nothing about cars as a person can get. But I mean, how cool would that be, to build an antique car with my grandpa??!! If Care, and J and Ste work on it too, we could probably make some good progress. Many hands make light work, right? We would have some bonding time with grandpa (his love language is service), learn a LOT about mechanical car stuff, and make a pretty cool truck. 
Here's a pic of what it will kinda look like when its done. (Truck pictured is a '33. Only difference between a '33 and a '32 is a 4 inch space in the frame where the bed is.) (And a '33 can be made delux which has something to do with the dashboard and interior I think).
Now our plan would be that us four kids would go spend a couple days once a month and work on the truck. Grandpa hasn't said yes to the whole plan yet but I'm  HOPING WITH ALL MY MIGHT that he will :-)  Grandma thinks it would be great. And so does mom. :-) 
And speaking of the once a month.... if we planned it right Grandma Caroline and I could go swing dancing that Saturday night. (They have swing dances once a month :-D ). (One of my favorite things to do is swing dance with grandma and Care) But obviously it would be mainly about the truck. :)
I'm so excited! Its going to be beautiful!!! I will let you know what happens! (if we get to build it with him or not) :-) 
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  1. Mainly about the truck................. *cough cough* uhuh sure :P lol Sounds like a ton of fun! Man I wish I lived nearer to you guys :(

    Hope he agrees to it!


    1. Teehee, I'm serious though, my love of old things is not only about clothing :-) And dancing :-) 1950s cars are probs my favorite, but all old cars are preeeety sweet :-) wanna move to Charlotte? ♥

    2. haha But.. but.. my church! lol Wanna move to Greensboro (along with Bascha and the Lawings and and) lol