Friday, November 21, 2014

CHEA Concert

A lot of my friends sing in a homeschool choir, including Callan. And since Callan was going to be singing I was going to be going. She ended up being sick and unable to sing, but I didn't get that email til we got back home so :P We did still know people singing (a lot lol) so that was good. And I got to sit with Callan which was also good :D 

The dress code was that you didn't need to dress up, but we all know I don't follow rules right? I dressed up because I wanted to, and to me this was an occasion fancy enough to call for the jumpsuit. Which currently is the fanciest thing I own, apart from the cocktail/ballgown I made.

Photo creds go to Joshua :)

I did my own hair :)

Hair Flower: made by me
Necklace: gift
Stole: thrifted, VV
Jumpsuit: thrifted, VV
Shoes: thrifted VV
Clutch: thrifted, VV

this choir rocked the harmonies!!!! It was so beautiful :D
It was a wonderful evening, the concert was very enjoyable :D xoxo
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