Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cakes Lately

A lady bug cake, which was so fun and so cute :) 

And then today I made a cake for my coin collecting great uncle. It's a 1864 gold $20 piece- his favorite. I copied it down to the number of 6 pointed stars, and the nick on her cheek, and it's actually shiney like a coin. Sadly I lost my balance and smashed the whole side of it once I brought it home. I'm at least glad my smoosh only took off the date, and not her face :). And he still liked it. Here a two cellphone pics.

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  1. Oh I like 'em! :D Wish you had gotten pics before it smashed :/ But still nice!

  2. And boy was it a great tasting coin cake too!! It looked even better in person Theresa. :) You did a wonderful job with it!

  3. I agree with you, that ladybug is CUTE!

    Did you teach yourself how to decorate cakes, or did you have some lessons/training of some kind?

    1. Self taught, I watched youtube tutorials on how to make icing roses and smooth buttercream icing. At Baskin Robbins the other cake decorator (who's been doing ice cream cakes for 30 years, wow) taught me a good number of things that had to do with icecream cakes.