Sunday, February 1, 2015


Outfit of the day! Well really yesterday, but I did wear the same thing today except with a skirt :)
But yes, so yesterday Ruth (and here) was in town due to a hockey game her bro was playing in. So Caroline and I snatched up the chance to go and see her while she was in town :). And boy did we have a blast. Bascha and Ann Marie were sorely missed, but it was great to get to see Ruth again :D She was making the comment that it was like we'd never even been separated, that we just picked right back up as if we'd never left off and were able to just chat like we saw each other every week at church :) She's such a great girl and I'm SO HAPPY we got to see her yesterday. (Her brother did a good job playing hockey too, and kept us well entertained :P Hockey is a little violent though, for those of you who were like me and unaware of this). 

 I was telling Ruth that I think long distance friendships can have like this extra element of special to them, because if you only see someone a few times (this was our third time ever meeting Ruth person to person but you'd never even guess it lol), it makes each of those times more impactful, and longer lasting in your memory.

Care took these pictures as we were losing the last few minutes of light.

My hair at the end of the day. Mom fixed it and did a beautiful job. It was basically a double french twist, I'm really not even sure how she was able to do that! 

Pants: vintage, gift from stash (here)
Blouse: vintage, VV
Sweater: VV
Scarf: vintage (the tag is so cute), VV
Pin: Great Aunt (1940's)
Have you ever watched a hockey game? Have you ever had a long distance relationship where you have been able to meet your friend in person? If so, what is that like for you? 
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  1. I LOVE HOCKEY! My family watched the NHL Stanley cup playoffs at the hotel we stayed in this past summer! Great sport. GO HABS!!

    1. That's fun that your whole family is into it :). I'd never really even heard of hockey until yesterday, but it was a lot of fun watching!

  2. HABS.. I'm drawing a blank lol but yes I had a blast Theresa! :D I liked your outfit too! My mom's like.. wait.. that was vintage?! lol