Friday, February 6, 2015

What I See

I think probably one of the most enjoyable things for me, about photography, is being able to capture snippets of how you see your surroundings, and then being able to share those snippets, with others, or even just keeping them for yourself. To try and find beauty, and interest in everyday things. Even the mundane. And most people view work as mundane. (Well I don't but you know :P)
I know when I first stared working as a cake decorator as Baskin Robbins I shared a few photos from my little work area. Like some of my icing bags, tips, and sprinkles. But the other day I took a few more. Not only of "my things" but just other stuff in the store :) And a few cakes too :).
The cone cakes are probably my favorites. I typically do them on light yellow icing, but it was guys birthday so I did blue to make it a little more masculine. lol
This cake was so much fun! 

view from the drive thru window

you can see some more hearts I painted on the windows

Our new flavor of the month. It's SO delicious. My ultimate favorite is the Rainbow Sherbert, but this is a close second.

buy a cake!!!

our very potent food colorings looking gorgeous in their drawer
My coca cola magnets that I bought in Atlanta. Aren't they cute?

A "tweenager" cake I made. I can remember back to those days when I was obsessed withe neon (never orange, but still). 

The door handles. Sweet.
I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the things I see when I'm at work! :)
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  1. BEAUTIFUL cakes, Theresa! Between the eyes that you painted two posts ago and these cakes, I really think that you're quite a good artist! :-) I've never been a very artistic person myself, but I do enjoy seeing what other people can do!

    1. Thanks Anna! Your comment actually brings to my attention something I've never written about before on the blog, but I think it would be a good idea actually. About my hands and how I view my talents and accomplishments. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Like the cakes! lol But I'm sure you already knew that :P So pretty!