Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Randoms

A couple of months ago I tried drawing eyes with pencil. It was a fun project, didn't take too long and made me feel artsy. :P I guess it kind of inspired me to try it again, but this time I used a paintbrush. 
I've always loved watercolors. But I guess I always thought that artwork that was created with watercolors was always somehow runny and colorful, and, you know, water-color-y. And that was part of the interest that it held for me. At the same time, I kinda wanted to try and paint something with watercolors that wasn't water-color-y, but still had that little bit of whimsical that water colors hold. And yesterday I tried painting with water colors for the first time, and I actually really enjoyed it :D 
Both pictures of the same eye, but the photos were taken under different lighting. 

Have you ever painted with watercolors? What were some things you liked/disliked about it? 
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