Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting A Hope Chest

I'm 17 right now, and I've been 17 for just over a month. And I guess mum had been planning on my starting a hope chest around this age, give or take a year or so. So this year will be the year, and I've currently started putting things in a cardboard box  (that will hopefully turn into a nice big sturdy plastic bin soon). 
From my understanding, things that go into a Hope Chest (or hope box or hope bin or hope bag idk) are practical, sentimental, or pretty things that would be useful to you once you get married or move out on your own. Popular items to put in the Hope Chest seem to be things like sets of china, a teapot, embroidered pillow cases, or dish towels, a kitchen mixer and the likes. Things similar to what you might have on your wedding registry, but maybe more personal (unique, handmade, heirlooms, etc.). 
I made a list (a VERY long list I might add) of things that I thought would be a good idea to start setting aside. Mainly kitchen stuff. I did get a little carried away and added things like mini cactuses (cacti?). And so far I've bought a few cute measuring cups and spoons, muffin tins, a hamburger patty press maker thing, and something else but I forgot what it was. I'm pretty sure the goal is to buy things when they're on sale, and get mostly things from say yard sales and thrift stores. 
My porcelain treasures from World Market
I feel like this is going to end up a game-how long can I keep these things tucked away before I start using them. Because most of the things that are practical, they would be just as practical to use now as they will be to use later. :P
Do you have a Hope Chest? What are some things you've put in yours? Do you have the problem of wanting to use the things you're setting aside? 
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  1. OHHHHHH! you have started a hope chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I wanted to on my 16th.. but I'm not going to start a hope chest till I have an actual chest (my mom has an actual wood chest). So it didn't happen yet! hahaha But I so can't wait to start mine! :D Awesome! I'm going to love hearing what you put in! :D


    1. An actual wooden chest would be nice...but I don't have the means of getting one or the room for it. :( I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun once you start though!

    2. LOL room and means are a problem for us too ;)

  2. Oh, so fun! Most of the items in my hope chest are sentimental keepsake type things that I want to keep. The dishes I've purchased over the years don't stay in the hope chest very long because it's hard to keep them packed away when you have a use for them. ;) Have fun! :)

    1. If I start going sentimental I'm going to end up with stuffed animals I got when I was born and the earrings I got my ears peirced with when I was 12, and a BUNCH of other stuff hahahaha :P. I totally agree about the dish problem!