Sunday, February 8, 2015

WWII ~ Beautiful Bascha

Saturday we participated in a WWII Living History Event at Latta Plantation. Which was very fun as usual :) The best one to go to is the big one in May, when all the Germans from Florida come up (a lot of them can speak fluent German), and we have the half track, and the motorcycle (with a side car), and the BIG battle that we get to be apart of. During that event it's like you've really gone back in time, and everyone stays in character. It's pretty amazing :) Yesterday was a much smaller version of that. 
When I got home I put the SD card in my computer and it had 263 photos on it. Yow. And the thing is, they were all of us, because I didn't even photograph the soldiers! Lol :D But since I have a large handful I'll split it up, and do a post of Bascha, and then a post of Ann Marie and Caroline, and then a post of me. (I wish I had gotten photos of Brittany and Laurel!).
So here are some photos of Bascha, looking lovely as ever :D. Her hat was so cute, and she was a little bit embarrassed when she got to Latta because she had forgotten that all of our guys (Brits) had berets of the same color :P The pin she's wearing in her hat was from 3 generations ago, and it's absolutely fabulous. 

I love her
Bascha sewed the dress she's wearing, and her mom helped sew all the little beads onto the neckline and cuffs.


Bascha is truly one of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. She's fun, she's serious, she's encouraging, and I know she's always got my back. It's so awesome to be able to do reenacting with her. She's the reason for my even being at Latta, my ever sewing anything, and she was the person who told me to "go for it" when I started dressing vintage. (She was supposed to dress vintage with me....:P). If you ever want to stop by Latta she gives great house tours too :)
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  1. Oh she's so gorgeous! :D and omg lol She's wearing the green too :P HAHAHAHA

    Can't wait for more pics! :O

    1. She really is, inside and out. I think the green she was wearing was a little prettier than the soldiers XD.
      Posting more pics today!

  2. Haha I didn't even think about my green matching the soldiers. :P

    You guys are so so sweet. :') thank you :D I love you both very much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You both are very beautiful young ladies inside and out and I love having you guys as friends.