Monday, February 9, 2015

WWII ~ Besties

Aka Caroline and Ann Marie :). Two of my favorite chicks.  Since there are so many pictures I won't write much today. 

Caroline is wearing:
Dress: made by me, from a vintage pattern
Earrings: Mimi
Coat: Salvation Army ($79, worth around 40,000, vintage)
Shoes: Modcloth (here
Gloves: VV
Knife: Stephen
Purse: VV
Ann Marie is wearing: 
Sweater: VV (mine)
Skirt: made by me (here)
Shoes: Latta
Pin: My great grandmother
Earrings: vintage, gift to me from Joshua
Gloves: Antique shop
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  1. OMG I love Caroline's dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO pretty! I want one for regular wear! hahaha out of curiosity.... isn't a fur coat a little old for 14?

    1. Thanks Ruth! It was pretty I think. I plan on making her another one in a solid color for the next event, and doing some embroidery on the front. The fur coat is probably a little old, but it doesn't fit anyone else and she did buy it. She's 15 btw.

    2. LOL I knew she was fifteen :P Must have hit the wrong key! Poor Care!