Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snippits From Sundays Outfit

It's 47 degrees outside as I'm writing this (it's Sunday...sometimes I schedule posts ahead of time, and you can tell it's a scheduled post because all those post at 12:00am and I'm pretty much never up that late or early lol) and let me tell you it feels like SPRING or even summer for that matter. I mean yesterday it was 2 degrees so 47 feels great! And it's funny that I'm thinking spring because there is still ice on the roofs of our neighbor's houses. :P
Mama did a new thing with my hair and I really liked how it turned out. :) Isn't she a great hairdresser? 

While we were at the beach this January we visiting a few consignment stores. At one of them I picked up this lovely vintage beaded clutch. For only $5 too!

For the longest time I've worn only dark colours, particularly black. And don't get me wrong-I love black! But recently I've noticed a change in my wardrobe that features a lot of blue, pink, green, and red. I've always loved flowers but I've never incorporated a whole lot into my clothing choices. And I've noticed that I've started using more flowery stuff lately too :). My favorite colors are red, black, and white, in that order, but I think I'm finally branching out. Change can be a good thing sometimes, right? :)

Earrings: gift from a lady at church
Hair flowers: A Pink Swan
Clutch: thrifted
I was wearing the shirt from this outfit, and the skirt from this outfit. 
What are your primary color/print choices in your wardrobe? 
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