Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swing Skirts & Snow

This was supposed to post yesterday...but I forgot O.o great blogger now, aren't I? 

Bascha is on the blog again! For my birthday, back in December she gave me fabric and a pattern to make a ruffled skirt :). And she had fabric and a pattern to make one too, so we could match! (Whoever says matching is just for little kids I would strongly disagree. ;)  Although Care and I aren't all that keen on matching each other a lot, for some reason other friends are different and I could match them all day long lol) The first "snow" (ice) day we had here, Bascha and I got together and sewed up the birthday skirts. And then the next snow day we wore them! 

And speaking of snow and our skirts, Bascha noticed while she was getting ready that her skirt was the same color as Elsa's (the main character in Frozen I think. I mean I know she's in Frozen I'm just not quite sure if she's the main character).  And when she started thinking she noticed that mine was the same colour as Ana! So we were frozen characters on a frozen day! 

We took these pictures before SCD on Tuesday, out at Latta. 

practicing our 50's poses

I really like this picture :)

Thank you for the wonderful present Bascha!! I love it!

Here a few pictures I took of our snow day at my house.

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  1. Two of the sweetest girls in the world! You girls are beautiful! I love the skirts! So awesome. I want to see you girls and give you great big hugs!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    Love you girls!

    1. aw I miss you Ruth and I can't wait to see you again! Love you too!!

  2. Since you mention matching, I just thought I'd say that my sisters and I love to match! ;-)

    How are you doing with your puppies? Are they indoor or outdoor? Our dog was so cute and fun when he was a little puppy, but as he started getting older that in-between stage wasn't so fun. :-) Now that he's a year old he behaves much better!

    1. We're doing good :) They're indoor, and still getting house trained. They don't quite listen lol, and I'm not sure if they know which one is King and which one is Lady :P But we're working on it. I'm sure they'll be great dogs once they have some more training and grow up a little bit more :D I'm glad your doggie is behaving! :)