Monday, March 2, 2015

A Sailor Dress

I guess everything will get posted a day late this week haha. Sorry about my consistency ya'll. I did have a fever yesterday, but anyways. 

Here are a few snaps of one of my newest dresses, bought on half off day at VV. It's a sailor dress! And it's knit :D The only alterations I did to it was shorten the dress since originally it hit at the "awkward place" on my leg. It hangs a little better now too. 
Also at VV I found some hot rollers that totalled $3. Not a bad deal eh? Mom hot rolled my hair, and though it didn't hold all that well, it did add some bounce to my ponytail, and it kept my bangs curled behind my ear.

My posing needs some work
Here a few cakes from Friday. If you want an icecream cake go to Baskin Robbins and order one!

Kyla had her 17th!!! birthday on Sunday :D And even though I was unable to go due to being sick :/ I was able to send along the cake I made for her birthday. :D Kyla I love you so much!  We've gotten to share so many lunches, and inside jokes, and pictures, and little pieces of sidewalk-stories, siblings, emails, and shopping trips to World Market and Harris Teeter :) If I had to pick one person that I would say lived my life with me it would probably be you :) You've been there when I fell asleep and someone thought I was dead, when I discovered the whistle register, to take my outfit pictures, and ride on four wheelers. Oh and "steal" glass bottles of cheerwine :P You never stop making me smile and if I ever have a bad day you make it better. :) You're my sister from another mother :D I can't wait to see what happens next year!!!! xoxo

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  1. Nice dress! xD (out of curiosity.. would you happen to have any vintage playsuit patterns? Of course, no crop top! haha) I looove the cake you made for Kyla! Absolutely beautiful! ♥


    1. Thanks! And I don't happen to have any :( Sorry. You would look so stinkin' cute in a playsuit!!!!

    2. aww thanks! lol (I keep getting that description "stinkin'" hahaha I don't know why :P)

  2. Aww... Thank you Theresa!!! I absolutely loved my cake.