Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Denim Dress

(yes Mimi, you read that right ;P)

Denim is not my thing. I've always had problems with finding blue jeans that fit, I've had a life long opposition to wearing jean skirts (I just don't like them), and a jumper or overalls? no way (I actually have some enormous overalls to show you in an upcoming outfit post :P). But several months ago I was at VV with Annalise and we saw this dress and just really liked it. And so we bought it :). I've only worn it a few times though. 

That is until I altered it anyway. I took off a pretty big chunk from the bottom so the hem hit at a more flattering place on my leg. And with that fabric I'd cut off I turned it into a belt. I liked the dress before, but I like it a whole lot more now, and I've worn it almost every day this week. :D 

I like how the edges are fraying just a little bit
I put some paper flowers in my hair cause it was pretty outside and I felt like it :)

All jewelry that's been passed down to me has a special value and these lovely heart earrings are no exception :)
Dress: VV
Earrings: Mimi's mama
Do you like Denim? Would you wear a jean dress? 
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  1. Pretty! I think it's nice. I wouldn't wear THAT denim dress, simply because the style wouldn't be flattering on me. But yah, I'd probably wear one! :D (Maybe add a slip next time? I can't tell quite from the pictures.. but it looks like I can see through the skirt! lol) Very pretty!


    1. Makes sense :)
      No, the dress isn't see through haha :) It was probably just the lighting in the pics that made you wonder :P. lol