Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flower Printed Overalls

Let's just say I need Kyla to start taking my pictures again :P Taking my own pics without a tripod just isn't working lol. But the overalls are working fantastically- in fact I've worn them three days straight. :) 

Overalls...I guess I'm just being very adventurous lately haha :P. Because yes, I bought and wore a pair of overalls. I've actually had the overalls since last summer, but due to the fact that they are enormous, I threw them in the "to be altered" pile and kind of forgot about them. But then out of the blue I had the idea to tie the back of the overalls together, which then brought them in enough so that you couldn't look down the legs from the waist. And though the fit isn't perfect by any means, it's good enough for me :) 

I love this shirt too-it's light weight, light colored and has lots of little polka-dots. Perfect for spring and summer :) I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of use out of it!
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Overalls: VV
blouse: VV
Dance photos coming soon! 
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