Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Hands ft. a Watercolor Bird

I think Tuesday's are going to end up being artwork posts hahaha. This week it's a bird-my second attempt with watercolors. I like how colorful it is and it makes me happy to see it on the fridge. :) 
I have so much I wish I could express in words but I can't. Like if you could be in my head for one moment-I practically think in poetry (the kind of prose that doesn't rhyme. Unless it's rap. Sometimes I think in rap. I've written a lot of rap you know, when I was younger). I'm serious. But I can't quite seem to capture it with a pen, and whenever I open my mouth-screech-it all comes to a halt. It's the oddest thing. I actually kind of like it though. But I wish I could figure out a way to share it with you. Because it gets boring keeping it all to myself. And it's exasperating to not be able to get it out.
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately are my hands. People are always telling me I'm talented and the like, and looking at what I've done and what I do, I'd agree. I'm sure part that comes from my parents-my mama is incredibly creative and artistic, if she had a blog her projects and DIY stuff would be all over pinterest :). And part of it I would say is my attitude towards stuff. I don't tend to doubt if I can do something or not, and I can be very determined. But I really think there is something else. 

When I was younger I remember talking to God and saying here are my hands, if you can use them, you can have them. And it was like from that moment on I could feel a difference. I could feel that something was different in my hands.
And sometimes I wonder if my carpel tunnel is here to teach me a lesson. To teach me not take my hands for granted.  I do believe that one day I will be healed from this, but until then it's really made me grateful for what I can do. 
But yeah, that's my hands, and I will give glory to God for all my accomplishments. And I strive to bless him in all that I do with my hands :)
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  1. So awesome, Theresa! I love about how you prayed and gave it to the Lord! That is totally awesome!

  2. Beautiful artwork, Theresa! And great perspective. May we always view everything we have as from the Lord and to be used for Him!

    I didn't realize that you have carpal tunnel. Did you get it from some specific injury?

    1. Thank you! And yes :)
      I've had it for several years now actually...I think it was the result of knitting and crocheting so much. I started that when I was 8 and I was really into it and I think it took it's toll on me :(. And piano. I did classical piano for a year (I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and I guess between all that playing and the crochet I ended up with it :(.

    2. I'm sorry to hear that. I do hope that you will be healed of it, too. I'm actually surprised that I don't have carpal tunnel myself since I do some many high-risk activities like playing the violin, computer work, and sewing.