Wednesday, June 18, 2014

White T-shirt Re-fashion

The other day I bought an XL t-shirt from Goodwill, and cut the sleeves off. (first pic). Then I cut and pinned and fitted it until I had a cute little peplum. Super easy, made it in a couple of hours.  :) I busted the waist gathers when trying to put it on (next one needs a zipper), so I made up a little belt to tie it there, if I want it snug. 

I really like white right now...and I'm trying to branch out in the wardrobe department, I can't wear black, brown and olive knit for my entire life. You'll be seeing happy colored things in the future. :)

I am really really bad at selfies :/

bust darts

tied belt
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  1. Oh I like it, Theresa! I've been thinking of getting big shirts at the thrift store, too! I want to remake some because frankly, all the shirts at wal-mart are just too see through! So I want to make some like those for myself!

    Love this blog, it is cool!

    1. Haha yes you should do that Ruth! :-) thanks!