Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Dressing Gown

We all have those days when we don't want to get dressed. Some people may have them every now and then, or others (cough, cough, not me cough cough) may feel this way every day. And though pajamas can be cute, and can be modest (for wearing around like other people and stuff), they're still pajamas, ya know? And though I may not feel like getting dressed, I want to feel like I've made an effort. 

Thus the robe/dressing gown has been a great addition to my wardrobe. Because it's an in between piece that's not quite pajamas, but I can wear it over my pajamas and feel like I'm an elegant lady at her dressing table (or on the couch or on the floor or where ever else I am because I don't own a dressing table). I mean it's really not an effort because I'm wearing the robe OVER my pajamas, but it makes me feel better :P

Photos taken by me, except the last three. Photo creds to Elizabeth and Caroline for those :)

comfy house slippers I got at the beach
Kyla's mom gave me a crimping iron and I've been experimenting with finger waves. I haven't quite got the hang of them yet I'm still practicing :) 

I love the little details like the pleated organza trimming

And no, this is not a Kimono, and you don't need to to say things in Japanese/Chinese when you see me like some of my relatives do :P 
Dressing Gown: VV, mom
Slippers: Goodwill 
Earrings: Care's
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  1. I love it! :D So cute! Those are some REALLY pretty pictures of you! I love the first one from far out!

    1. Thanks :) That one I took but it was a struggle to keep the flash from popping up :P Love you!