Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Magic!

It's about lunch time. I'm in my PJ's (still getting over being sick) and I'm doing a hair mask. (If you don't know what a hair mask looks like, it's not pretty) (Though the two very sweet Mormon girls who came to the door said I looked very cute ROFL) (but back to the story). And then the little brown box comes. 
"Hey Benjamin-wanna see a magic trick?"
"Watch this."
And I take his photo without touching or even standing too close to my camera. WOW. Technology these days I tell ya. 
I did this to the rest of my siblings and had great results. Even did it to my parents :P But it didn't really work on them because I used their account to purchase the thing so they got texted when it got here. Boo. Plus I was really excited when it got here and wasn't very quiet. Boo again.

So what is this "magic"? A wireless camera remote. This little clicker here works as if you were pressing the "take picture button" (I forgot the proper term), when you are actually standing up to 16 feet away. If you press gently you can even focus your camera before taking the picture. Just like you were pressing the button on your camera, but you're not!  The camera I use is a Nikon D50, and in the settings I am able to use the remote with or without a timer, which is pretty neat. Oh, and it comes in a little black velvet bag which is pretty cute if I say so myself ;)

I purchased this remote from Amazon (here) and it costs around $8.50. I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of this little clicker! :)
That's all for photography on Fridays. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything else this week, I've been awful sick. :/ But I'm on the mend, though still in my jammies :P
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  1. Shall we selfie in a totally non-awkward manner?? :) Seriously though, now we can take pictures together without having to bother people!!

  2. That's so cool; I'm jealous! ;)

    We missed you Thursday; I hope you feel better soon!


    1. Haha ;-) Its been raining these past few days and I haven't really gotten dressed but tomorrow I'll try to take my own outfit photos. I'm really excited about my new gadget :-)

      Aw missed everybody too!

  3. I just have to say.. we go back in time more than forward hahhaa Remember really ancient cameras had the chord attached to the remote and you held the little dicky bird up and then pressed the button and it took the picture? :D